#BookReview The Other Side Of The Table by Madhumita Mukherjee

12 Aug

17253438 (1)Rarely a book comes along that touches your heart and leaves you craving for more. This book is just one of those rare ones. I am not sure what made me love the book, just that I know I love it a bit too much. Maybe it has got to do with the setting of the book which is based in Kolkata which is my hometown, and the setting was too familiar that it brought back so many memories of my growing up years.

Maybe I could identify with Uma, her journey of life from a young girl to a woman, that made me feel that she was one of my own. It is those beautifully written, precise letters that touches your heart. Be it when Uma is talking about her crush on Blue. Be it when she is totally lost and wants a sort of confirmation that he loves her too. You can see the anguish, the uncertainty, the apprehension and the honesty with which she wrote those letters to Abhi. You cant help loving her for the woman she is, her drive for her career, her honest expressions and simply lovable outlook to her life. You see a strong, independent and caring individual fighting hard to remain her own person. You admire Uma’s straight forwardness, her strength or character and the determination with which she does almost everything.

Abhi on the other hand seems surer, almost boyish despite being way older than Uma, he is sensitive, mature and a thoughtful individual. As he battles life and the challenges that it throws at him. Abhi and Uma’s interactions through those lovely letters leaves you with a delightful feeling.

It has been awhile since I have read a book which has touched me so much. This has been a delightful read from beginning to end.

Publisher: Fingerprint

Genre: Epistolary/ Fiction

Source: Publisher

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