#BookReview Cough Syrup and Surrealism by Tharun James Jimani

12 Aug

csyrIf you have done engineering or have relatives or friends who are engineers you will know that the life depicted in this book is straight out of real life. It is not hard to imagine young kids despairing, contemplating suicide but aborting plans as the the effect of drug wears off. It will be wrong to generalize the entire scene and peg it to an engineering college ambiance but it was something that I could easily connect to my years in college with most of my friends being engineers.

What I liked about the book was the way Charlie’s character panned out. He eccentric, not depressed yet he writes a suicide note which he posts on his blog and this for the umpteenth time. Life seems to open up when he meets Paloma. Most of his initial initiation with Paloma was like a daze, part of him could not believe that a girl would choose to be with him and another was her constant referring him as Rik’s friend. What following was a dream like situation where Charlie finds himself in midst of a concentric circle, where he rolls drugs, submerges himself in a world of rock and jamming to selling drugs. It was a world which spun way out of Charlie’s control.

The book does not attempt to promote drugs, neither does it have an aura of being ‘cool’ just because the characters resort to drugs. In a very unassuming way it teaches some of the most important philosophies of life. What I really appreciate about the book is the way it candidly dealt with certain situations which is so prevalent but we dont really speak about like a young boys first encounter with masturbation and the psychological repercussion of the same, something that Freud has described in his work.

This book has been an entertaining read and the title has been very aptly put. It is something very different from all that I have read till date.

Publisher: Fingerprint

Genre: Fiction

Source: Publisher

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