#BookReview The Paperback Badshah by Abhay Nagarajan

03 Aug

Final Artwork C to CThe paperback badshah is about the comical journey of a Raghu who quits his job of a financial advisor to pursue his dream of getting published. His debut tentatively titled as The Paperback Badshah and it is his journey of finding a publisher, the marketing and promotion and the realization that writing a book is just the beginning and there is much more to it than just that.

I picked this book up without a bias. I have read some amazing titles by Srishti Publishers. The thing about Srishti is that they choose books with an unique story line and each of their offerings that I had the opportunity to review has been engaging reads but this one was a tad bit disappointing. The book gives you a sense of deja vu maybe because I read and loved the book Beaten by Bhagath which was much more humorous and spoke about the challenges of getting published and the candid view of the publishing industry.

This book did nothing for me even though it was well written and edited decently. The story was predictable and I had to push myself to read the book till the very end. There were portions when I just wanted to keep the book away but urged myself to go on. Maybe if I had not already read a book on the same story line I would have enjoyed this one because functionally there was nothing wrong in this book.

This book is ideal for a train journey read.

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

Genre: Popular Fiction

Source: Publisher

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