#BookReview Happy Birthday By Meghna Pant

03 Aug

264866_478025498951732_1828401991_nHappy Birthday is a collection of short stories. What I loved about the book is that each story was very different from the other. Each story was hard hitting and left you with a thought. Be the Gola Master where the narrator comes home to India on the occasion of his son’s wedding only to come face to face with changed values system and a son who was like a putty in the hands of his rich would be father in law. What was striking was how the beliefs held close to his heart were the same the narrator failed to acknowledge.

Happy Birthday is an unique book, it is an assortment of stories, as if each and every story was handpicked to add a distinct flavour, almost like ingredients in a recipe. The best thing about each of these short stories is that it leaves you with a thought or let me just say a startling thought. In the title story, we see a trophy wife who lives in denial and then comes face to face with reality. The way each and every emotion or a relationship is explored through different shades is just breathtakingly beautiful. It is hard to just put the book down as the stories compel you to keep reading almost like an addiction.

The kind of books that Random House keep coming out with for the vintage section is truly amazing. The last book which impressed me as much as Legacy by Sudha Menon by the same publisher. Happy Birthday is truly a collectors item, with its pristine editing and beautiful imagery.

This is a perfect read during daily commute. I absolutely loved this one.

Publisher: Random House

Genre: Short Stories

Source: Publisher

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