#BookReview Compass Box Killer by Piyush Jha

27 Jul

compass_box_killer_piyush_jhaCompass Box Killer by Piyush Jha has to be one of the better books I have ready by any Indian writer so far. The story was so gripping that I found it hard to put it down. It barely took me a day to complete it. Thriller is not my favourite genre but this is one book that kept me hooked from cover to cover. After the Millennium Trilogy this has to be a book which kept me engaged.

Set in Mumbai where an Inspector is found dead. Post mortem reveals that the cause of death was chemical extraction of a castor seed. The killer was clearly a gifted and skillful person who knew exactly what he was doing. After every murder a compass box is found with a clue to the next murder. One by one people are found murdered under unique circumstance and Inspector Virkar has to battle scoop hungry media and get to bottom of the case and prevent any more killings. What pans out is a blood chilling story of a good Samaritan, a homeless orphan, and the unique relationship they shared when it was nipped cruelly and untimely in the bud.

The story is so brilliantly narrated that you find yourself praying not to be interrupted while reading. With typical Hinglish lines thrown here and there, it was not really hard to image Inspector Virkar on his bullet in quest of the truth that must be revealed to prevent more murders. The book is a gripping read with a lots of twists and turns which leave you craving for more. You dont want to miss this book out for nothing, go pick this book up now!

Genre: Crime Thriller/ Fiction

Source: Publisher

Publisher: Rupa Publications

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