#BookReview Boomtown by Aditya Mukherjee

25 Jul

Boomtown by Aditya Mukherjee has been a breezy read. Being a foodie, it was like I could almost visualize Jaaved in the kitchen modifying age old recipes of his illustrious grandfather Khan Miyan who has a famous Indian eatery in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk. I simply enjoyed reading this book and honestly if you are a food lover you would not want to read this book at night, for it is sure to induce hunger pangs.

Jaaved track is endearing. His constant conflict between what he loves doing with traditions which has been passed down from generations altogether. His longing for his grandfathers approval and desire to do what his heart desires is very realistic and it makes you sympathize with him. Sheetal, a young single mum who balances her career and her 5 year old with equal elaan. At crossroads of what could be the turning point of her life, Sheetal adds her expertise and business acumen to JJ’s venture to start a chain of restaurants. Roy, who has been handed the pink slip recently thanks to the recession, finds himself in a strange situation. His friend JJ literally coerces him to join his new business venture. JJ is an eccentric prone to mood swings and crazy ideas brings all of the characters together for that one dream that will establish him.

Boomtown was a fun read. The language is impeccable and the story keeps you hooked. What could have helped the book was a shorter length. I felt it took forever to build up. There were parts I felt my attention wavering but then something about the book got me back each time. It took me a day to complete the book and throughout it was a nice read. Honestly reading this book post midnight is a torture because you end up hungry with all the talks of food and its aromas. This book gives you an idea how the hospitality industry works, the trouble with brokers, the goons, the licence issues and in the end you do end up looking at the hospitality industry with renewed respect. It is surprising how well written this book is, knowing how often we are faced with the run of the mill writing by Indian authors these days. This book has been a surprising read pick this book up on a nice long train journey.

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Source: Publisher

Genre: Popular Fiction

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