#BookReview Ohh! Gods Are Online by George Dixon, Rashma N. Kalsie

26 Jun

Front_CoverThe book has your attention by the quirky title. The concept is whacky, just imagine Gods being present  in the digital sphere? In our day to day life, where Facebook, Twitter, Instagram rules dominates our being and to imagine Gods being present there seems too interesting to be true.

This book was as breezy and interesting as it appeared from the cover. The book is funny and witty and the one portion that had me in splits is when Christ was contemplating to change his profile picture. You can almost feel his anxiety and trepidation; it was these lil funny moments that made this book such an enjoyable read. The book is like a breath of fresh air, it makes for a fun read on a train journey; which leaves you with a smile. The satirical portrayal of human behavior in the digital world makes for a fun read.

It took me about 3 hours to read the book and i was entertained throughout.I am surprised and happy reading such good quality writing in the fiction category  much better than those 100 rupee books that are sold dime a dozen. Mythology has never before been presented in such a fun and interesting manner. The characters are those we have grown up with so it is easy to relate to them but to imagine them online is what makes it so much fun!

Pick this book up for a fun read on a Sunday afternoon in bed!

Publishers: Srishti Publishers

Author: George DixonRashma N. Kalsie

Source: Publisher

Is it too early to ask for PART II?

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