#BookReview: Dating, Diapers and Denial By Rachna Singh

26 Jun

20120427204509This book is about cliche’s, the usual routine that marks our life, the experiences, the emotions and the challenges. But what matters is how it is put forward. This is where this book scores. The book is written in a conversational way, where you feel as if you are in conversation with Rachna herself. She has you in splits with her retorts and the Hindlish expression makes you chuckle aloud.

To be honest, a hard core critic will tell you how this book has nothing to offer. You may not belong to the generation she is talking about, but you can relate very well with the circumstance she is talking about. You will not take away anything new from the book but playing on cliches what Rachna has managed to do is to give you a perspective.

I did wonder why this book should be written at all because it all seemed to feature are things that has been discussed to death in kitty parties and girls night outs. But then the wonderful narration keeps you hooked. This has been a breezy read and it leaves you with all your vague notions about love, life and relationships defined. If anything, the book leaves you with a clear notion of what to expect.  This book is specially for those who have had kids or are in the family way. It makes you think on things which is often taken for granted by us. What I enjoyed reading was how Rachna described the dating scene, the stolen glances and the supposed accidental bumping into  the significant other.

I have read Rachna Singh’s second book first; Nuptial Knots and now Dating, Diapers and Denials; what I absolutely appreciate is the impeccable editing and the brilliant flow of the writing. It keeps you engaged throughout,

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