#BookReview: Nuptial Knots by Rachna Singh

24 Jun

ImageApprehension ruled while agreeing to read the Nuptial Knots; I wondered if it would be a let down knowing that my experience with Indian Authors has not been particularly good. But this book came as a great surprise and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

The book is like a self help book giving you an insight into marriage. The premise on which the book starts is that the author had witnessed a lot of marriages crumbling; which made her relook  relationships and the plausible cause for the breakdown.

What I loved about the book was that it was not preachy. It narrated anecdotes revolving situations which we are very familiar with. Family giving a cold reception to the news of their kids marrying the partner of their choice is a common phenomenon. I kept thinking that if I was Natasha this is how I would react, I too would not want to get too closely associated with relatives or family members who don’t receive me well. But through this book I realized that while like Natasha I too would react in a particular way but there is also a perspective which I missed; this change of stance is what the book aims to do and successfully so!

This book is not written in a condescending manner so nowhere in the book did I feel this was a self help book. To me it was a collection of short stories which had a lesson to teach. This book is apt for young, urban women who are unmarried but of marriageable age It molds your mind and prepares you for the life ahead. I for one felt that this book was somehow written for me as I saw all my preconceived notions fade away and the biases being replaced by a rational and more logical outlook to new relationships.

As modern women who has a professional life there are a lot of things that don’t occur to us. Women empowerment and independence to an extend shrouds our mind and we often tend to become commitment phobic; I know I am one for starters. This book is soothing and very deftly clears simple knots by explaining how and why certain things are the way it is, like an over positiveness mother-in-law and her overbearing ways. Sometime we don’t see things the other way around. By giving us a perspective this book succeeds in explaining one of the most beautiful relationship, marriage.

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