#BookReview Bong Mom’s Cook Book by Sandeepa Mukherjee Datta

24 Jun

bong-mom-s-cookbook-400x400-imadk27nyvyeutsgI loved the book, period. For a person who is a self taught cook, who is a working professional and who stays some 1300 km from her hometown, who is a bong this book is a life saver. Over the years as I have learned how to cook I have picked up things that are not quite bong. Like, I always pick up Arhar dal instead of Masoor. Every time I make something or try something quintessentially bong I resort to lengthy calls home to know and understand the recipe. I never had a cook book only because the authentic Bengali cook books are in Bengali and the recipes are often fancy Bengali cooking which were too elaborate. However this book has a wide range of recipes, from every day menu to elaborate cooking. That is why this book has been such an amazing find!

This book scores in a big way as the recipes are comprehensive and written in English, I can read Bangla too but somehow reading in English is easier and faster. Almost all of the recipes are written in a simply and most of them are easy to make. What makes the book so enjoyable is the fact that every recipe is preceded by an anecdote; which made the reading so enjoyable. I could easily identify with the authors circumstance as like her I am miles away trying to cook Bong food just the way my Ma would cook.

This book was such an amazing find because it brought information is such an easy way. I learned how to make aloo posto, shorshey maach and chingri in an effortless way. This book could easily be a guidebook for those like me, young brides and amateur cooks! This book takes its place among the most priced collection purely on the basis of what an amazing addition it is to my kitchen and appetite!

Publisher: Harper Collins

Writer: Sandeepa Mukherjee Dutta

Source: Indiblogger


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