#BookReview: When Strangers Meet by K. Hari

03 Jun

when_strangers_meet_hari_kumarI wanted a light read for a quite Sunday afternoon in bed and that is when I picked up When Strangers Meet by K. Hari. The book is engaging and pacy and frankly while reading the book, the afternoon siesta faded and I found myself with a page turner. What I enjoyed was that the book was structured and well written and there was hardly any complaints as the editing has been pristine. There was a flow in the writing which keeps you engaged and encourages you to read on.

The language is lucid and comprehensible and finds its way into your heart. Sensible, with a touch of emotions, this book makes you go through a crescendo of emotions. One of those books which are a must read for all fathers and sons and to say how apt it is as the author dedicates the book for his father.

I just have to say how I liked the cover. It looked interesting and engaging and very well illustrated. Most of the times the covers are random and not well thought out but this wasn’t the one, the kind of depiction the cover had set the mood of the book.It was interesting how three strangers who meet under unusual circumstance and how their stories unfurl. One of the biggest mark of a good book is when the book is able to transport you to a new world and this book scores and more than which this book leaves you thinking. 

This is probably the third book from Srishti Publications I have read and reviews and I must say they are to watch out for, as the books are well picked and have a nice variety. Like Homing Pigeons this too has been a very entertaining read by Srishti Publications.

Pick this book up for a well written light read which has been thoroughly enjoyable!


Publishers: Srishti Publishers

Source: Publishers

Genre: Fiction

Price: INR. 100

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