#BookReview: Blood Red Sari by Ashok Banker

03 Jun

blood-red-sariI have heard about Ashok Banker from fellow book bloggers, they did seem to love him. Also having spotted several titles by Ashok Banker on the stands propelled me to seek this book out from a friend and there was never a dull moment and the book turned out to be an engaging read.

Blood Red Sari is a fast paced thriller and I was taken in by the plot from the word good. It was interesting how three women in different parts of the city face a sudden brush with adversity on a seemingly normal day. Blood Red Sari is the first book of the ‘Kali Rising quadrilogy’ and it is a thriller with a twist, could it be said that it was a book with feminist outlook.

The book is pacy and flows without a hindrance. The narration makes for an entertaining read. The editing is crisp and is almost flawless. With the sudden death of Lalima in Dubai, three women in India, Nachiketa, Anita and Sheila receive envelopes that contain mysterious looking figures. While the woman try and unravel the code they go through several life threatening situations on their own with the sheer grit.

Not an avid reader of thriller, this has to be one of those rare books I absolutely enjoyed. I made a mental note of checking out other titles by Ashok Banker for he does have a flair of narrating a story in an engaging sort of way that will glue you to the book, from cover to cover!

Pick this book up for nice engaging read!

Publisher: Harper Collins

Genre: Thriller

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