#BookReview: The Test of My Life by Yuvraj Singh, Sharda urga, Nishant Jeet Arora

25 May

17661969I have no clue but biographies have always been a mental block but this book set new perceptions. To say I liked the book would be wrong, for i loved it. I was moved to tears, and equally humbled. There was something that struck home and made me finish the book in just about 4 hours.

Yuvraj Singh, one of the greatest cricketers of recent times. The man who is known as a brash, arrogant, party lover who has a colourful social life and a flamboyant lifestyle. But this book is not about that Yuvraj Singh the man who loves cricket madly, about that ordinary man who became extra ordinary through his deeds. It is about the struggles of a brave man who survived the odds and came out triumphant in one of the most terrible tests of life.

I always knew cancer is painful and traumatic to say the least. But to imagine it happening to a guy who is at his prime, specially one who lives a life in limelight.To think that a dream will be terminated untimely, to push the fear back, to endure the agony and the ignoring the warning signals that the body can only give; is something i can just try and fathom but to live it, is something else.

For a cricket crazy girl who like millions is starstruck, but does not know the nitty-grities of cricket like the silly point but loves the game tremendously I enjoyed reading about the mad frenzy around World Cup. It felt good to be reading about the feelings that the cricketers go through, it makes you realize that unlike their Demi God like status, at the end of the day, they are still humans with fears, dreams and aspirations like any of us. What probably makes it tougher for them is the public expectation. It was really entertaining to read about the locker room jokes, the friends that Yuvi has in the team, the reaction of team mates and the brilliant survival story that will inspire you and leave you in awe.

Pick this book up, because it is written in a conversational way. There is never a dull moment and it leaves you entertained and inspired and stays with you long after you have finished the book.

Publisher: Random House

Genre: Biography

Price: Rs 399

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