Amreekandesi – Masters of America by Atulya Mahajan

22 May

17881620Given my distaste about the work by Indian authors; Amreekandesi – Masters of Americe by Atulya Mahajan was a great surprise and sheer delight to read. I had heard that Atulya is a witty guy in real life and is pretty well known in the blogging circuit but I have never really read him before. I began this book without a bias and it took just a few pages before I was hooked. This book has been a revelation and was unputdownable!

I simply loved the way the story flowed. The coveted dream of every Indian to go to Amreeka and attain social nirvana has been explored and narrative in such a manner, that it will leave you in splits! The trepidation about packing and leaving home. The crying Mom, the overflowing suitcases, the tons of packed food before the child left home, to study in a distant land is something i could easily relate to. All of a sudden I was taken back to the time I left home for my masters. Sometimes, even the most mundane of experiences can be told in an entertaining sort of way and that is where this book scored.

I just have to say, that this is one of those books I had a whale of a time reading. The editing was pristine and the book cracks you up. Jasminder who is known as Jassi to friends, who becomes Jazz in Amreeka and ultimately becomes Jazzminator, is hilarious; his character reminds you of the character Ali from Dhoom, who dreams of a life with every girl he comes across. His reference to Pamela Anderson as Pamela ji made me burst out laughing! Akhil and his love affair with Nandita was really wonderful, I loved the subtle evolution of their plot and the ultimate closing of the track! This book has been a wonderful read and I suggest you pick this book up for a light, entertaining and really fun read which will leave you in splits.

Source: Publisher

Publisher: Random House

Genre: Popular Fiction

Price: Rs.199

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