Let’s Talk Money By Akhil Khanna

11 May

I have never been interested in Finance in any which way. I don’t even invest or have a clue about it. My dad and a loved one plan my taxes, I just sign the necessary documents for it. So this book is really read by an illiterate. I had in fact conveyed the same to the author who insisted that his target audience was someone like me.

aaWhat struck me was the synopsis of the book on the jacket. “Warren Buffett has two rules. Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget Rule No. 1. Let me add a Rule No. 3: Know how to apply Rule No. 1.”  Well, this looks like a book that will end up teaching a thing or two to me. With that thought I began the book and I have not been disappointed with it at all.

To be honest, initially I really found it hard to even flip pages, Money supply is a topic i found hard to read, it seemed too text bookish. I thought if the concept was explained using simple examples it would have helped, i was very inclined to put the book down but i did not want to give up, so i willed myself to go on. The best was yet to come.

I am sure this book adds a lot to those who are either an MBA aspirant or a person who is into Economics or Finance but i dont think this book is for those with zilch knowledge of finance because you need a certain base knowledge to fully understand and comprehend this. The book at times was high fundo and at times it became too lame as if the author was challenging the basic intelligence of the reader.

Having said all this, what i liked about this book is that, it broke down information in the way it will make most sense to the reader. Bullets, story form of narration and balance sheets. It is easy to see the amount of thinking that has gone into getting the information across in a comprehensive way is commendable. At the end of the book, I have learnt a few basic things about Finance and how the whole loan and lending procedure works. I probably have a better understanding about the market situations better now.

This book is surely a value addition to all those who are well versed with the subject.

This is an author requested review, however the views are my own. 

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