Smart Phones Dumb People by Parthajeet Sarma

11 May

aa (1)The Prologue of the book highlights a very basic anecdote which many of us will have encountered at some point of time, be it a tele call from a bank or some other sales person who has memorized all the speech and repeats it without even comprehending your responses to each of their questions. Can this be a sign of sheer dumbness, unfortunately i have to agree with the author. Most of us tend to rely on our phone for things we can easily try and do ourselves. Earlier where we would memorize the birthday of loved ones, now we rely on Facebook notification s or calender alerts facilitated by our smart phones. With great technology, we have welcomed a sheer dependency on gadgets we ourselves have developed but cant do without as if like an addiction.

There are a few things i liked about this book. For one the font of the book was really easy on the eye, you need it if you are geared up for not so easy read. The smilies before each chapter was cute initially but i think it took away the seriousness of the entire book, I found it a lil annoying. But what I liked is the way the ideas were explained in the simplest of ways, using anecdotes sometimes of his daughter or by sheer observations of people around him. The idea of the phone is simple, with time we rely so much on technology or things that we just donot apply our heads at all, be it technology, innovation and priorities.

What I felt that somehow by touching upon so many topics the author unnecessarily stretched a funda which was clear from the very onset of the book. The title of the book, Smart phones and dumb people hardly did justice to the book, because the book is not just about smartphones and how they make people behave in a rather stupid manner. I kept wondering why a writer would want to write a book on a thought when this could have easily been some speech at some digital conference. I was rather disappointed that despite being well written this book had hardly much to offer to the readers.

Genre: Self Help

Publisher: PRJankari Communications

Source: Author

Price: Rs 195


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2 responses to “Smart Phones Dumb People by Parthajeet Sarma

  1. The Life Cyclist Project

    June 17, 2013 at 6:32 PM

    What I learned form the book was… That technology is a boon if it is used properly, however lack of proper mindset for utilizing is the main problem. We Indians are good in knowledge gathering. But still we dont use it in right way for society.
    By the way I loved your review. This was the second book I had ever read. The first one was Beaten by Bhagath by S V Divvakar. I would love to read your review on the same. This book is about harsh realities of publishing houses.


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