Salvation of a Saint by Keigo Higashino, Alexander O. Smith (Translated)

30 Apr

ImageI have never read any of by Keigo Higashino‘s books; to be honest I have never really heard of Keigo Higashino but what totally caught my attention is the fact that the Salvation of a Saint has been compared to Steig Larsson, who i am totally in love with. With my perception set about the book in hand, I started reading and what came in the first three chapters had me hooked.

Rarely you come across a book which grips you from the first chapter. A murder thriller even so takes a little time to warm up the setting, the build up, the characters need time to warm up and here Keigo Higashino‘s Salvation of a Saint totally surprised me. I found my breathing pattern change in anticipation, it was as if I could sense what is going to happen but I could never point at just what. No spoilers here, but if you can sense something about you happen, you question then, what will the book offer to keep you glued to it? Salvation of a Saint has impressed me completely in all of these accounts and so much more.

In case you are interested to check out the audiobook here’s the clip: from Macmillan Audio.

Knowing well that the book was originally written in Japanese I can understand the effort and the wonderful job done by Alexander O. Smith, it is not easy to translate from one language to another and yet be as gripping, this book left me gasping for breath as I kept reading, sometimes through the night and also while traveling. The plot is gripping and immensely pacy. You have to keep reading carefully lest you miss out on the happenings. There were a couple of places I felt my attention wavering but I kept going back for every word needs to be followed through.

What I loved about the book was that despite knowing the murderer, the book made me wait in baited anticipation to know just how the mystery will be resolved. The sheer ingenuity of the plot with carefully put twists and turns made this book a breathtaking read.  What sets this book apart that it makes you remember your much loved Sherlock Holmes,yet the book holds on to its own and beautifully so. Yet not falling miserably! You end up marveling at Detective Galileo and the sheer genius of him, who is called in to investigate when all else fails!

Another thing that totally made this book so wonderful was that it had a human touch with a lot of feelings thrown in. It is not just the characters who harbor subtle feelings for each other, like Tokyo Police Detective Kusanagi harbors a special corner for the suspect, Yoshitaka.  Keigo Higashino gives equal weight to the emotions behind the murder which makes the book so different. You end up so emotionally involved and to me a book which can engage you on multiple levels is a winner and this surely is one of the better books I have read in the murder thriller genre.

Pick this book up for a book which has been written in such an intricate and loving manner needs to be cherished and promoted.

My rating is a 4/5

Genre : Murder Thriller

Price: Rs 350

Publisher: Hachette

Source: BlogAdda

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