I Kissed A Frog By Rupa Gulab

29 Apr

ImageAfter ages I came across an intelligently entertaining Chick-lit which was a thoroughly engaging read. Most often the chick-lits that are available are a tad bit flaky and pretentious that leaves you hating the book because you know in reality this is something that can never be possible, and there comes the bit about being let down.

I kissed a frog by Rupa Gulab is a collection of short stories about real contemporary women who are comfortable in their skin. The stories are not sermons or about girls who are goody two shoes but neither are they about glam dolls who are out there on a vendetta.  The central characters of each of the stories are people you can relate to and they seem very real; and this is what worked for me. 

The characters in each of these stories have been loved dearly. I read them with utmost joy, relishing each story, identifying and secretly chuckling my way to work as I savored page after page. Not one of the stories was similar to the other and the find blend of the different types of relationships that have been featured gives this book such a fresh feel. To say that I loved reading it, is an understatement.

I could barely suppress my amusement while reading be it when the female protagonist trying to get even with her ex, or when the protagonist’s crush revealed that he was going for a sex change operation. The characters are neither white nor black and the grey shades to them made them so likable. Never for once will you feel that the book is flaky or written in crassly. The flaws in the characters made them so real and so likeable. 

This is one book you will love to read… pick this up if you are a chick who loves to have some fun!  

My rating is  4/5

Publisher : Pan Macmillan India

Genre      : Chick Lit

Price       : Rs 250/-

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