Never Say Goodbye by Rajiv Seth

23 Apr

neversaygoodbyeposterNever Say Goodbye by Rajiv Seth falls under the popular fiction category and the author is a debut author. The challenge writing a book in this category is that the book should leave an imprint on the reader, propelling him/her to re-read or recommend the book. Somehow this book struggles to keep up to the expectation.

Rajiv’s book is a brave first attempt at writing a medical romance. The one thing that kept coming to my mind while reading the book is that it should have done through several rounds of editing and proof reading. While editing can still be overlooked, how can one let a book be published without being proof read? Even the synopsis of the book in popular e-commerce websites lack proof reading, this is unpardonable according to me. It reflects poorly on the writer but most importantly on the publisher.

Even though the story seems fresh the predictability took away from the joy of reading it. Till now, not many books has been written in the genre of medical romance, so this is like a breath of fresh air. The setting may be different, however the characters are very predictable. Aakash is a doctor who is content in his world of medicine and patients until the realization dawns that he may be in love. The fact that the love in question was committed was what magnified Aakash’s woes and the book revolves around the troubles and issues that he goes through. Anjali on the other hand is also a doctor who is a driven individual and then she meets Aakash and her lives changes. Will the lovers find a way back to each other is what you have to read to find out.

What kept playing in my head while reading the book was that I wish the editor had guided the writer a tad bit more. If only the pages were whetted before being sent for the print, the outcome could have been so much better. The characters I felt was sketchy and lacked conviction, sometimes you ask why a particular character reacted in such a bizzare way, Bad editing took away from the reading experience. The story line could have been more concise and I felt my attention wandering. This was a disappointing read! If not in the books, at least the product pages in the leading portals needs an immediate and stringent editing.

Pick this book up for a light travel read.

My rating is a 2.5/5

Publisher : Srishti Publishers

Genre      : Popular Fiction

Price       : Rs150/-

Source     : Author requested

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