Legacy by Sudha Menon

12 Apr

????????????????????This book is not an epistolary novel but is just a collection of short letters written by eminent parents to their daughters. The book does not feature classic parents who have written to their daughters like say Nehru to Indira Gandhi as one would expect. But what the book definitely does is that it brings together parents who have made a mark in their field talking to their kids imparting much valuable lessons, experiences and more than which probably freely expressing their feelings, fears, concerns and wishes to their daughters.

I loved the book. This is simply one of those few books that I will treasure always. Legacy will be loved not just for the sheer idea of bringing together inspirational personalities from diverse fields together to write a very informal personal letter and showing the world the other side to them but because there was an emotional connect from the moment i read the blurb. I am a daddy’s daughter. While reading the book I wish my Dad, a man of few words had written to me in so many words, then even I would have something to read and re-read and savor the words, the thoughts and the feelings twice over. As the book progressed I realized, that my dad may not ever write to me, he has said similar things to me every time we get some time to catch up on my trips home.

What I thought was wonderful was the little introduction that came before every letter, giving us an insight about the person concerned. It was just the way I like it, it told us why each person is important, if there was a reason behind choosing the personality or an incident that happened before the writer agreed to write the story as was in the case of Jatin Das, the painter. This book has a very fresh and distinct feel to it and the credit probably goes to the kind of people that were chosen to write the letters. There was Kishore Biyani who is an industrialist and a visionary, then there is Sanjeev Kapoor a mater chef and now an owner of a Food channel, there is Prakash Padukone the world champ badminton player father to Deepika Padukone. The potpourri of the different fields made you realize, that fathers try in their own way to be there for their daughters, sometimes through their experiences, sometimes through actions and most of the time by being the strength to their daughters.

18 personalities and a foreward by Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Legacy is one book which you will go back to read over and over again, because it strokes the side of you that loves your parents and this book will probably help you to see the world the way only a parent would for a child. You realize the amount of love, care and concern a parent harbours but find it difficult to convey. In the entire book the stories that I absolutely loved is that of Sanjeev Kapoors and that of Kishore Biyani. Sanjeev Kapoor’s attitude towards his daughters was something that reminded me of my father, the words were inspirational but not preachy. What was an absolute treat was the pictures at the end of the book that gave us something to visualize these personalities in a family set up!

Whattey book this has been!! Pick it up, you would not want to miss this for the world.

My rating has to be a 5/5

Publisher: Ebury Press

Genre: Non Fiction

Price: Rs 399

Source: Random House

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