The Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson, Reg Keeland (Translator)

09 Apr


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was the first book which I saw the movie first and then picked up the book to read. Often a movie does not justify the book, so the series had my attention the moment the credits rolled up. I was awestruck. Thrillers are not my genre, I would never pick this book up if I had not seen the movie, despite the acclaim and buzz around both, the book and movie. 

The movie impressed me so much that the very next morning I ordered the remaining two books in the series. It took me about 5 days to finish the series. It was intoxicating and totally gripping. During those 5 days i went through my daily activities in a haze as i could barely manage to put the book down. 

What absolutely works for the book is that it is pacy and keeps you at the edge of the seat. While reading I realized that my breathing had changed, I was breathing heavily every time a crucial point came through, that was exactly how gripping the book was. That week when I was reading the book as if I had been possessed. Lizbeth Salander was read as if it was me who lived her life, you cringe as she goes through brutal rape in the hands of her protector, you rejoice when she delivers justice, your heart goes out to her when her love for Mikael Blomkvist fails to make an impact on him. You marvel at the sheer brilliance of Lizbeth when she cracks codes and ingeniously gets past trickiest of situations. Most readers have complained that even though the book is named after Salander she is not the protagonist; I would beg to differ. The subtle portrayal of Salander is what makes the book such a hit. What i absolutely loved is the way the relationship between Salander and Blomkvist is panned out. It does not take away from the thriller but makes it so endearing. This is a thriller with a heart.

You have to pick this book up. The best when it comes to thrillers. An amazing read.

My rating is a 4.25/5

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