Embroideries by Marjane Satrapi, Anjali Singh (Translator)

09 Apr

9526Embroideries by Marjane Satrapi and Anjali Singh is truly an entertaining read. The only other graphic novellist I have read is Samit Basu and his The Simoqin Prophecies, The Manticore’s Secret and The Unwaba Revelations I thought were brilliant. With Embroideries what struck a chord was that it was witty and the theme featured women centric problems which is easy to relate to. 

Embroideries is an entertaining read and peaks into the sex lives of Iranian women. It features Marjane’s grandmother who is no non-sense hard talker, stoic mother, fashionista aunt and their friends and neighbors who all meet for afternoon of tea and some conversation. Love, sex and the idiosyncrasies of men become the focal point of these conversations which in turn becomes the reason why the book is such an entertaining read because it is so well elaborated.

Probably what worked for the book was the fact that it was put in a graphic form. It was entertaining from the word go when we are taken into the mind of the women characters; things that women feel but are not expressed because it is not socially accepted. Afternoon tea takes an interesting turn when these women share their secrets, their dreams and their regrets and (wait..take a deep breath) their funny and outrageous stories about faking one’s virginity. The women as a mark of solidarity share tips on how to escape an arranged marriage, or how to enjoy the miracles of plastic surgery and how to be the perfect mistress.

It was hilarious how these situations were narrated. You can easily relate to it and the humorous take on it was what made for an entertaining read. This can easily be a chick lit.

Pick this book up for a fun read while traveling in the metro.

My rating 4/5


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