Those Pricey Thakur Girls by Anuja Chauhan

20 Mar

those-pricey-thakur-girls-by-anuja-chauhanHaving previously read The Zoya Factor I could barely wait to get my hands on Those Pricey Thakur Girls by Anuja Chauhan. What makes Anuja Chauhan unique is her unpretentious style of writing about everyday events that make you like her immensely. Her sense of humour is fantastic and she will have you in splits the way she narrates events.

To be honest when I started reading Those Pricey Thakur Girls, I did expect her to repeat her The Zoya Factor charm. On that account I was disappointed, for Dylan is no Nikhil Khoda whom you would love to hate in a loving sort of a way. Most would consider Anuja Chauhan’s latest as a chick lit however it is far away from it, it falls under the category of popular fiction with a somewhat central woman character. What I found totally disheartening about the book that despite having everything in the book to make it such an instant hit, the book seemed half baked. I felt Eshu’s story could have been defined well, I felt her track with Steesh came to an abrupt end. The smaller tracks of Chacchi and Ant Chacha was not properly spanned. But the thing I really love and appreciate about Anuja’s writing is the ability to unfurl a love story without getting mushy, it leaves you wanting for more.

What made the book absolutely entertaining was the fact that it was set in 80’s Delhi and if you are an 80’s child you are taken back to a time you can easily relate to. The Campa, the craze about DD news, the envious and coveted professions of news readers, the awe and admiration that PM of the country commands its breathtakingly nostalgic. There were parts I doubted belonged to the 80’s era that Anuja was trying to create specially some of the language that the Thakur girls used but then again if we over look these minor things the book is a visual treat.

One of the events that had me absolutely in splits where BJ talks to his daughters about the importance of the balls to a man and his integrity. It was hilarious and I almost laughed out aloud while reading it in a metro. The family events where the younger sister lives in the shadow of her boisterous elder sister is very relatable.

This has been such an entertaining read that I could not help but push myself to read some more even when I could least afford to. Pick this book up because it is a light entertaining read which will keep you hooked, cover to cover. Anuja Chauhan is easily one of the best writers India has of late in the Indian popular fiction category. This is one book you would not want to miss out on!

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