The Obscure Logic Of The Heart by Priya Basil

14 Mar

9780385611459 (1)With this book I took my time to savor it page by page. There were times I put it aside letting the thoughts seep, there were times I left it almost forgotten, a little apprehensive to pick it up again and eventually unable to resist I read through  at a lightning speed. The Obscure Logic Of The Heart is a book on relationships, the emotions that make these relationships real and the circumstances that we have to go through to make the relationship stay.

Sensitive, intense and ever so wonderfully written, here is a book where every character in the book well defined. The story though a bit slow paced  and there were times I found my attention wavering, the story line manages to keep you engaged till the end.You are almost sad when the book gets over!

The Obscure Logic of the Heart’ interweaves two different narratives one which is set in the modern time, where the story of Anil and Lina unfolds. And the other tale of an unfulfilled romance between a British woman and a man who she loved but who was abandoned because they belonged to different faiths. The stories run parallel giving you a sense that there is one problem and each of the two stories have different outcomes of the common problem. Both the stories beautifully and effortlessly blend seamlessly leaving the readers breathless!

What I absolutely loved is the way Anil first meeting with Lina was described, every small detail was described beautifully and you can almost see why he fell in love with the girl he saw, its something totally beautiful. It makes you wish for your own fairy tale.

The Obscure Logic of the Heart touches upon an inter caste relationship which tries familial ties and the reaction of the parents who test very core of one’s duty towards the parents Priyal weaves the plot with so effortlessly and beautifully that you can actually feel the pain Lina is going through and you empathize with her trials.

This is a story that you can easily relate to. The circumstance and the issues are a part of our every day social life. But the thing that sets the book apart is the way it justifies the title, after all when it comes to the love, the heart defies all logic.

It truly has been an exceptional read. If I were you I would never miss out on this one.

My rating is a 4/5

This review is for Random House India; however the opinions expressed here are my own. 

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