Work it out without a workout by Vesna P. Jacob

11 Mar

aaBy now I have read and reviewed quite a few books on diet, fitness and health, so when this book came along I picked it up without a bias. What i liked about the book was that it was targeting at people who have a sedentary life mostly women. The book contains simple work out exercises with images to elaborate them which is what primarily works for this book.

However the exercise would have been explained in a better manner. Somehow there were details lacking as in how many sets will help. Most of these exercises looked somewhat similar. Some of the exercises that were explained did not seem doable in 15 min as prescribed.

The book however is a good start if you are planning to include working out in your daily routine. It begins addressing all thinkable excuses that you may have for not working out. Which I thought caught my attention and to be honest I went back to the book to refer it a few times.




Pick this book up if you have used one of the following excuses at least once:

  • I don’t get time to exercise
  • What’s the point of joining a fitness centre when I know I’ll quit
  • Working out is so boring
  • I want to follow a fitness regime but don’t feel motivated enough
  • I wish I could get fitter and slimmer
  • My kids don’t allow me a break
  • I am too busy and feel drained after gymming

What I really enjoyed about the book is how Vesna used her story to elaborate the importance of working out and it truly was touching but more so it was inspirational. The fact that she did not sound preachy is what made me read the book cover to cover. And to be honest I have used this book as a manual to work out. This has to be one of the few books which has not assumed its place on the shelf as soon as it has been read. What makes this book believable and something that you would pick up is because  she too has struggled with fitness and she understood how hard it is to work towards it. She guides you in a constructive way towards a healthy and fit life!

Pick this book up because it is one of those rare books on fitness that actually helps!

My rating 3.75/5

This review is for Random House India; however the opinions expressed here are my own. 

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