What Ho! By PG WodeHouse

25 Feb

317460Even though PG Wodehouse is acclaimed for his humor writing and my best friend is a massive fan, I have never really managed to pick his books until now. And I cant help but add what an amazing find this is! The language is impeccable and the body of work leaves you breathless. If you like books by British authors, this is a treasure! I thoroughly loved the book.

What Ho! was published to mark the 25th anniversary of PG Wodehouse’s death. The book is an anthology of stories, novel-extracts, working drafts, articles, letters and poems which gives a fresh angle on the twentieth century’s greatest humorist. I absolutely loved the introduction by Stephen Fry where he writes: “What a very, very lucky person you are. Spread out before you are the finest and funniest words from the finest and funniest writer the past century ever knew…”

While I have heard that PG Wodehouse is amazingly amusing, the challenge was not to become too formulaic after a little while .I can’t believe I have not read or reviewed his books before… Truly Wodehouse was an absolute delight to read. I found myself laughing on my way to work because I suddenly remembered some line I had read the previous day. Wodehouse’s writing is a delight to anyone who appreciates the intricacies of the English language.

It is a must read, pick up a Wodehouse if you have not been introduced to the magical world of humor. It cant be better than this, humor at its best.

My rating 4/5

This review is for Random House India; however the opinions expressed here are my own. 

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