The Heirs of Catriona: Review by Mrinalini Majumdar

18 Feb

531677_263600463741820_1554907502_nAbout the reviewer: Mrinalini Majumdar is all of 13, goes to school, is a brilliant student and a book worm. This book was given to her by me, her aunt, for I thought that she would like reading it. Coming up with a review was totally her idea. This review comes from someone who is the actual target audience for the book. The book review is a candid account from someone who read the book without having a bias or the nagging thought of having to write a review at the end of it. All opinion expressed here is her own and the review has not been influenced in any which way.

heirs-of-catriona-275x275-imadekfygzfrwyexI found the book “Heirs of Catriona” really nice…I loved the way Miss Anusha Subramanian wrote it. I liked the way she has described the two girls Sara and Crystal in this as well as the way she has described the other characters.

The little poetry she has put in this book is really beautiful and mysterious, as if these poems were trying to find the path of solving the mystery of their lost mothers. The character which I like the most is Skadi, it is because I just loved the way she has changed within moments when she got to know about how Loki had killed her love.

And the best part of this book is that it is all about mythology! People who like books on mythology will really love the way the author has written about it. The fights with the evil and how two young teenagers try to save their mothers and take their revenge for their father’s death…It was all amazing!

Though I enjoyed the book I did find a few errors in it,  like…when Sanaya tells Sara and Crystal about how they all got married…Sara and Crystal’s fathers was called Cedric and Andrew, but when Sanaya tells the girls how their fathers died she described them as Antonio and Edward!!!

The second mistake was that throughout the book Sara’s dog is a she-dog but in a few pages of the ending of the book I saw that the dog was made into a he suddenly!!! Then the dog went back to become a she!

Other than this, I had fun reading it. I finished reading it in a day as I could not put it down, it was that interesting.

My rating is a 3.75/5


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