Lose A Kilo A Week by Nishi Grover

05 Feb

aaEven though I want to pick up books related to weight loss somehow i never ever manage to. Probably what makes me put the book down is the thought of ‘wasting money’ health related books. So when I got this book you can pretty much imagine how excited i was about it. I will have to admit i have had the weight issue for sometime now. I am a working professional and I donot have time to go to the gym or a regular eating pattern. So in case a solution or advice comes in form of an exercise the first thing you will hear me say is that I donot have time to work out. That is where I loved this book.

The book, starts with maintaining a food diary where we are required to write down each and every thing we have eaten. Often what happens is we tend to munch on things without realizing and we end up thinking why we have not lost weight despite not indulging in high calorie food. Writing down helps us keep track and find a pattern in our eating, it also tells us what makes us eat, stress, emotional upheaval etc.

The book is penned by Nishi Grover, who is a dietician for over 30 years with experience in the fitness and nutrition industry. She has had over 700 clients and a clinic in South Delhi. Lose a Kilo a Week is her first book. Through the book Nishi provides simple, logical, and result-oriented, weight loss mantras. Even though the book was one of those few which I think really helped me, I found the introductory pages full of self praise; which almost disinterested me. However, if we manage to overlook these, the rest of the book was pretty insightful.

What makes this book enjoyable is the conversational narrative adopted by Nishi who insists on making small changes in the beginning which are achievable and instill confidence to proceed further with the program. What I also liked about the book is the detox plans that she has provided. A three week program is finely detailed and the book comes with charts  and spaces to record weight and way to control your portions and count your calories. Like every other dietitian, Nishi insists on a  food-diary and portion control. She also stresses on the importance of calorie-counting. We get acquainted to the food-time pyramid which explains how our body clocks are aligned with the sun and how eating at different time make a difference.

What I did not like about the book the negative note at which it starts. The first part talks about the ill-effects of obesity rather than the positive effects of being healthy. The book definitely lacks a holistic approach. The writing style is simple and so is the diet plan so it is easy to read and follow. If you have a big even coming up, pick this up for a new you.

My rating 2.5/5

This review is for Random House India; however the opinions expressed here are my own. 

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