A Good Woman by by Danielle Steel

05 Feb

9780552158428Danielle Steel has always intrigued me by her diverse backdrops in which her story unfurls. She has an ethereal quality of making her characters very life like that connecting to them becomes so very easy, despite them belonging to an era which you do-not connect to.

I began A Good woman on a cloudy Sunday morning and by the end of it it was a day well spent. I was totally lost in the world where America reeled under the shock of the sinking of the Titan which cost a lot lives. Being brought up when Titanic the movie was idolized and revered as the ultimate romantic movie of all times, this movie struck a chord from the first page. Danielle Steel is known for her beautiful stories which leave you yearning for more. The only complaint I had being an avid Danielle Steel reader was that, she tends to repeat herself in her books, specially with the themes. Having written a good number of books, that is a challenge most accomplished writers face. If we leave that aside the book was an enjoyable read.

Annabella belonging to one of the most affluent families of New York finds herself struck by tragedy when a happy holiday turned out to be a nightmare as Titanic claimed the lives of her brother and father, leaving her mom a window. Slowly she assumes her role as the anchor of the family still coping with coping with the loss of those who were essential to her being. The journey of Annabella, her constant struggles, her desire to be more than just the little girl is heartrending.

Pick this book up if you are the mushy types and want to read a good romantic novel of substance. I thoroughly loved it, it gave me the much needed kick I needed on a lazy Sunday in bed.

My rating will be a 3.5/5

This review is for Random House India; however the opinions expressed here are my own. 

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