Heirs of Catriona by Anusha Subramanian

25 Dec
From the cover: 
In a land like no other on Earth, deadly creatures from forgotten myths are coming alive…
ImageSara and Crystal are ordinary teenagers. Or so they think, until one day, their world is turned upside down when they learn that they are princesses of the magical land of Catriona. Their mothers, the rightful rulers of Catriona, are being held prisoner by Merissa, the wicked queen. Sara and Crystal must help rescue their mothers, and to do this, they have to journey to a land that does not appear on any known map.
Thrown headlong into the world of vengeful, manipulative gods and deadly sorcerers, the two girls learn the art of magical warfare. But will that be enough to counter the evil unleashed by Merissa and her protector, Loki?
My Review:
I grew up reading Enid Blyton. She feeds a child’s imagination like no other. This book is a living example of a child’s vivid imagination and the fine command on the language and expression. Not surprising if you ask me because she comes from an illustrious family of established writers.
Honestly it took me time to believe that this is Anusha’s first book. I loved the way she narrated the story. Her choice of words. The way she handled the story line was really commendable. I have heard great things about Ravi Subramanian but I have never really read him but going by his reputation, it is not surprising that Anusha has outdone herself! 
I enjoyed myself thoroughly while reading this book. I am sure you will too. 
It is but obvious that you have a strange sense of deja vu hitting you now and then but then you realize that she is just 12 and the young author and reading all these fantastic books has molded her mind somewhere along the way. What is absolutely spelling bounding is the way she lets her imagination weave magic. Very commendable job at 12 I just have to add!! There is great potential to be a full blown writer in the making. Looking forward to more such wonderful work by Anusha.
Pick this book up because this is one amazing read and a 12 year needs to be encouraged for the great effort she has put in!
I’d rate it a 4/5 
This review is requested by the author; however the opinions expressed here are my own.
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