How About A Sin Tonight? By Novoneel Chakraborty

08 Dec

The book revolves around the lives of five diverse people as they become intricately enmeshed within the glamorous world of Bollywood.

The five people with different histories are thrown together for a film which ultimately
connects them in a strange sort of way. I am quite apprehensive reading books by Indian authors solely because they are not really penned well or the editing is rather shoddy. This book even though has the potential to stand apart in that crowd is a let down and was a total torture to finish. Though it began well, it could not continue the pace and became a drab very soon. The writing is good but in patches, fine editing could have helped and hindi cuss words were a turn off for me.

After the initial progression of the story the interest is hard to retain and also some parts of it was irrelevant and does not add to the whole story. The plot was too sketchy and too many scattered thoughts ruin the entire feel of the book. I had trouble reading through the entire lot, and had to keep my mind from wandering and force myself to finish the book. The characters in the book can easily be traced back to real life people on whom it is loosely based so it does not hold my attention for a considerable amount of time. While this book surely is better than the rest of the same category it does fall way short of expectations  on an avid reader.

My rating will be a 2.57/5 pick it up because there is nothing else interesting to read.

This review is for Random House India; however the opinions expressed here are my own.

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