I’m not stressed by Deanne Panday

02 Dec

I am not someone you likes these self help books. So this book is not something I would pick up from a weekend trip to the bookstore. What struck me was the foreward by Shahrukh Khan. I mean why would SRK lend his name to such a book? I mean why? The foreward by SRK did nothing for me, in some ways it turned me off the book but then it could easily be just about me but honestly a foreward gives you an inkling about what the book entails and this one really failed to do that.

Deanne Panday's Book I'M NOT STRESSEDThe book is good in patches. If you lack motivation or energy and you stressed out this book may just get you started. The book explains (with short background stories) what could cause stress – the “why” and the “hows” is detailed in this book. Honestly I found the “how” lacking rigor and technically very patchy.

What really was a turn off is that after a point it became a tad bit difficult keeping track of things like when to breathe and when not, hand positions among other things. The challenge that most people face writing a book on yoga is that it is hard to teach yoga through a book and most people find it difficult to comprehend a physical activity like yoga that too just by reading a bunch of texts unless you are explaining it to an yoga expert practitioner who already has a fair idea about what you are talking about. What the book essentially lacked is picture in there.

Overall, the book gives you some awareness on stress, it causes and remedies, but it is a let down as it does not provide a workable solution by itself. Random quotes from Shah Rukh, Dino Morea, Lara Dutta, Karan Johar and John Abraham sprinkled around in the book does little to motivate you.

Having said that the book does score on certain points. Unlike so many other books on weight loss, this has a holistic approach. The author teaches us to train our mind to bring down stress levels, explains why stress is caused in first place and how to meditate.

Pick it up and and try it for yourself to judge if this book is worth your time or not. My rating for this one is a 2/5

This review is for Random House India; however the opinions expressed here are my own.

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