Happy Birthday by Daniel Steel

30 Nov

This book was perfect for the kind of day I was having. I had taken a day off from work, it was cold, I was in bed and I was dying for something to do. A call and all I know my parcel had arrived, need I add how happy I was?

I am an major Daniel Steel fan, I have been ever since I read The Gift when I was about 13 years old. Now Daniel Steel books come with a sense of satisfaction, I can just pick up a book without reading the jacket. Yes that is just how much I love reading her.

Happy Birthday is about three people sharing their birthday’s and these people are connected by familial ties…that of April and her mother Valerie and then there is Jack who comes into the scene as Valerie’s love interest. The book revolves around their lives, their travails and how they triumph through the mental blocks, the misgivings, the situations that live hurls them into.

Much as I like the books by the author, this title was rather disappointing. Even though I read the book from cover to cover, it lacked the familiar pull that Daniel Steel books have. The story took a long time to warm up, the ending seemed predictable and rather hurried and the author spends too many words establishing a background to the character which is unnecessary. I simply love the detailed descriptions of the settings and situations that these characters inhibit, but somehow that is the only prominent thing in the entire book; beautiful settings, perfect interiors, high life.

It is just a personal opinion, but I felt that it would have been perfect if the characters had been established from the situations that they were under instead of being described. What I kept wondering is how does sharing birthday change the course of their lives. Maybe I failed to see the point here but this is one book which failed to make the point it was trying to me. Even though I was disappointed reading it (maybe it has got to do with the fact that I have read beautiful books by the same author) I’d still recommend this book because it is a good read on a cold winter afternoon.

My rating would be a 2.5/5

ISBN-13 9780385340250
Number of Pages 00320

This review is for Random House India; however the opinions expressed here are my own.

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