Tea For Two & A Piece Of Cake – Preeti Shenoy

27 Nov

I have heard a lot about this book, from friends and there was a lot of buzz about this book as it is preceded by “Life is what you make it” by the same author. I did read her previous book, which was rather dark but interesting. So this book was just perfect choice to read while travelling.

tea-for-twoLet me warn you, this book is a light read and if you are expecting something out of the ordinary, it is not. The story line is unimpressive, but interestingly told, you are hooked on to it till the end. The best part about the book is definitely the positivity it oozes. You can relate to  the protagonist Nisha who goes through travails of life with her head held high, she stumbles, she falls but she never lets her dignity suffer a dent. The characters may be a little half baked but they are life like.

Pick this book up because it is well written, it will not disappoint you. If you like the new wave of Indian authors, then you will love this one, as it is not one of the run of the mill books and stands tall for its own distinct style. A book which will leave you will the positive feeling.

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