The Twitter Diaries by Georgie Thompson, Imogen Lloyd Webber

26 Nov

I was at my favourite bookstore in Delhi’s SDA market called Spell and Bound with my best friend in tow. His birthday was coming up and mine had just gone by, so being at a bookstore to hunt for a book to gift was perfect for the book worms. Hunting down that perfect book to gift is always a tedious task, but not if the person is right there with you, Once I found the book my friend wanted, the search to find the book I would like to read began. Thankfully, this is the book my friend picked out, and the reason was obvious, my obsession with Twitter and the whole new world i have there was a connect enough.

One question that plagued my mind ever since i picked the book up was, if it was possible to write a book from two different perspectives, keeping each person’s lines to 140 characters or less? Yes, you can. But the quality of the content is debatable.

Stella Cavill and Tuesday Fields develops a bond over a  period of one year through DMs. Both are going through upheavals in their personal lives and it just brings them closer.  The two travel, experience romantic and professional ups and downs, and deal with mothers who are less than thrilled that their thirty-something daughters are unmarried.

The book is a cute read and sometimes it feels that portions of it could have been elaborated to support the story further, for 288 pages seems to leave you wanting for more. Some events are patchy, i felt that the relationships that the girls were in could have been prominently etched out. One could argue that they were fairly new into their friendship. However, we do witness them sharing a lot about professional lives and their mothers.

One of the challenges that the book faces is the Twitter names. One finds it hard to decipher who @No1Sportsman, @Supermodel1971, @MerchBanker and @PM_TV are. Some are identified with their real names by Stella and Tuesday, but others are left to guesswork. Sometimes one is just lost in the sea of names.

The book has an unique storyline and to be true it is rather cute, but you aren’t really pulled into it. Perhaps that is the real drawback to 140 characters. How well can you really know someone when they are limited to so few words? However, having personal relationships with a lot of Twitter folks i know this to be untrue, because words can make you connect to another soul, the number does not really matter.

Go ahead, read this one, it will give you a perspective to this whole Twitterverse that you have heard people gushing about but could never seem to decipher what the hullabaloo was all about. A wonderful light read, fit for a perfect cosy Sunday afternoon in bed.

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One response to “The Twitter Diaries by Georgie Thompson, Imogen Lloyd Webber

  1. anil sawan

    November 26, 2012 at 3:52 PM

    some one like me who still hasn got along with the walls of the Twitterverse, this might still be a i-am-not-sure-if-i-should-buy-this kind of book. 🙂 i ll rather read it frm u some day 😛


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