Almost Single by Advaita Kala

26 Nov

I had picked this one up from the Delhi Airport on my way home. I had about 4 hours to kill and i wanted to read something light. The book in a way fulfilled the purpose for picking it up, it was a fun read which kept me hooked for the better part of my otherwise boring journey.

Almost Single stands out in the crowd of so many of those wannabe writers who have come up with predictable storyline and with shoddy narrative. Even though this book is a light read, with a lot of cliches however, the narrative is pretty interesting and keeps you hooked till the end. Some of the things i liked about the book is the central character. She is someone you can relate to, with regular problems, is a klutz and does not step out of some fashion magazine. Very earthly and very endearing Aisha Bhatia is what you would find in every other girl. “Wickedly irreverent and laugh-aloud funny, Almost Single is a delightful romp through the five-star world of champagne brunches, gay soirées, and the dilemmas of hip, young girls on the lookout for love and matrimony.” (from the jacket)

Pick this book up because it is way better than the ones available in the book stores these days. Read it because it is interesting and fun and I can vouch for all you Chetan Bhagat worshipers this book is worth much more than the trash he feeds you.

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