The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi

22 Nov

This was a book I have been waiting for a long time, having read Chanakya’s Chant. So you can image my excitement when within a few days of launch I got this book as a gift for my birthday. I took my time to read this book solely because I knew like Chanakya’s Chant this too will not be another casual book to read.

Most people who have successful titles to their name face the challenge of repeating history. Standards are set and expectations are established way before the book is launched. Krishna’s Keys fails to live up to that hype. It is neither as pacy, as interesting or as intriguing as its predecessor.

However when viewed in isolation the book is a good read, predictable in parts but one that you would like to read from start to finish. The plot waned somewhere in between and I found myself distracted time and again. The book seems to be influenced by Dan Brown and Sanghvi tried to adapt the same style in Indian context.

The main character Saini is almost like Robert Langdon of The Da Vinci Code fame. It is all too predictable, and throughout you have déjà vu gripping you. The predictable story line makes it dreary. All too familiar central character embarks upon a risqué journey to solve a mystery. In the quest he is attacked almost murdered, but escapes unhurt and ultimately is successful in unraveling the mystery.

It is something you would reach for the heck of it, I found it average and let down specially since I had pinned my hopes on this one.

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