Palace Of Illusions- By Chitra Banarjee Divakaruni

22 Nov

Writing a book on one of the most powerful female characters of a popular epic is a daunting task. There are too many established myths, people perception is already biased towards one kind of narrative so the challenge is not really an easy one. The book revolves around Draupadi, who is a very well known character in Mahabharata however her side of the story remains untold and unknown.

Unlike the Mahabharata which portrays Draupadi as a pitiful character, Palace of Illusion narrates the same story from Draupadi’s perspective. Unlike what we commonly perceive  here the woman is strong, independent, beautiful, and is aware of her follies. ‘Queen of queens, envied by goddesses, yet destined to be remembered as the one who caused the Great War.’ Rishi Vyas had predicted her fate and warned her that her of her temper, her pride and her vengeful nature which will speed up the wheel of destiny.

The book is well written. The narrative is pacy, and makes for a wonderful read. This is one of those books which you would like to read for pleasure over a long period of time. The book needs a lot of your time and concentration. It explains a lot of folklore and myths of Mahabharata which we have forgotten over time. Thus, despite the debate about Draupadi’s perspective of the Mahabharata, this book stands out among other books with the same theme. It is a beautiful read, a book you must pick up on your next stop at the book store.

The book touches upon Draupadi’s undying love for Karan, the ill fated king….she saw his portrait before she saw Arjun’ s and lost her heart to him .The Palace of Illusions focuses on Draupadi’s thoughts on the events that are happening around her.  She was married to five great kings yet she belonged to none; while her heart yearned for another.

This book is perfect for those who have not read Mahabharata and have little or no knowledge about the intricate details of the Hindu mythology. Interesting, well integrated book supported with facts.

Palace of illusions is a treat to read, go grab your copy.

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One response to “Palace Of Illusions- By Chitra Banarjee Divakaruni

  1. ladynimue

    November 27, 2012 at 8:42 PM

    This is one of my fav books this year.
    Good review post. I enjoyed reading a few more 🙂


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