Betrayal , by Danielle Steel

21 Nov

To begin with I used to be a big fan of Danielle Steel, no one understands human emotions quite the way she does and no one will paint the most beautiful picture on a larger than life canvas as efficiently as she does. So one can just randomly pick a book by her and sit back because the read will definitely be well worth it.

Betrayal by Danielle Steel revolves  a renowned film director who stumbles upon an inconceivable betrayal that shakes her very belief in everything that she held dear. Relationships and emotions are the core of Danielle Steel books and this lacks the substance. It takes a long while to build up the background and warm up. It seemed like Steel was trying to paint a hunky dory picture to ensure that the harshness of the events are prominent. But it ended up being too sugary sweet, too perfect, too traumatic, too overtly sad in patches that it does not really fit well. When the crisis happens, somehow it looks flaky and does not strike a chord like her books usually do. Somehow the reader is left dissatisfied and somehow unaffected by the end of it. The story line hardly had a graph, it began on a high note, did a nose dive, picked up a little and remained that way.

I’d say this was an unimpressive read from Danielle Steel specially because she has so many bestsellers to her credit. A good read though while travelling, much better than other  sordid stories that are available these days without much of a story line or writing prowess to their credit.

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Posted by on November 21, 2012 in books


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