The Bottom Line by Sonu VC

20 Nov

The challenge of picking up a ‘Self Help’ book is that you don’t know if the book will address your situation. Often a foreword fails to live up to what the book has to offer. Having said that books of this genre does grab eyeballs for insights they have to offer, this book does not disappoint.

What really struck me when I first began the book is the big print, easy to turn pages and not so preachy and intimidating cover. With 100 odd pages, the book seems just the type you will pick up on a light travel, maybe that metro ride to work. The foreword was nice and crisp and gives you a fair idea about the contents of the book. What I liked best was that the narrative was in first person and as forewarned, the book unfurls the Author, Sonu V C’s philosophies based on his experiences in life. The writing is lucid, easy to comprehend and not preachy, hence it is something that you can read from start to finish without flinching.

However, the things that work for the book are also the challenges it faces in the long run. Even though the book is something that you can easily relate to because the author explains his theories through his experiences as an example; you are left confused because you know the situation is generic and how we react to a situation is relative. The book does not leave you with some profound knowledge which adds to you or revolutionizes your outlook to life. The book is more like a memoir accounting his realizations than a self help book. Half way through the book you wonder why you picked up the book in the first place. These issues arise because the concept and content of the book was not well planned. To summarize life, with its various facets is a herculean task in itself, you cannot get by with a sketchy narration where you touch upon only selective issues and ignore the rest, all this in 100 odd pages.

The book is divided into several segments namely, Why birth? Avatar or Angel, Practical Line, Bottom Line. The book earns points for acknowledging that while we may be different individuals with different aims and goals but The Bottom Line is our end is the same. So to reach the end we have to define the means to the end.

Go ahead and buy this book, it is worth the effort as it surely gives you a perspective to life other than the one you have and also because the book supports the ‘Deepika Foundation’. 10% of the revenue generated through sales will go as proceed to the foundation, an organization which aims at bringing light in the lives of many by working in the areas of education, health and livelihood.

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